Movie Outing

Movie Outing

A new documentary is set to premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, and it’s likely to cause consternation at the nation’s capital.

The promotional poster for the movie describes it as “a searing expose of the secret lives of closeted gay politicians.”

Although the film will purportedly feature familiar gay pols such as Barney Frank, its primary aim is to publicly reveal closeted Republicans who have taken a stand in defense of traditional marriage.

Its publicity slogan is “Do ask, do tell.”

Colleagues of mine who have seen the rough cut tell me that the film will feature politicians who haven’t previously been “outed.”

Kirby Dick directed it. He also made “This Film Is Not Yet Rated,” which ticked off the MPAA.

The executive producer is well-known Left Coast political advisor to the stars Chad Griffin, who was also an advisor for California’s No on Proposition 8 campaign.

Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute produced it, and Magnolia Pictures will be the distributor.

The version of the movie that’s been shown to selected critics is far from finished, and filmmakers are avoiding revealing the identities of politicians who will supposedly be outed.

In any case, the movie is poised to get lots of publicity, which is just what the creators wanted all along.

James Hirsen is a media analyst, teacher of mass media and entertainment law at Biola University and professor at Trinity Law School.

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