Brad Pitt Too Good Looking to Play D.C. Reporter?

tn2_brad_pitt_1.jpgDirector Kevin MacDonald says he' s relieved that Brad Pitt pulled out of the upcoming movie "State of Play."

Washington, D.C. journalists aren't likely to be too happy about it, though.

MacDonald says he's glad Pitt's not in the flick because the dude is just too handsome to play a D.C. reporter.

The flick's storyline is based on a BBC mini-series in which an investigative reporter works with a police detective to solve a murder involving a congressman's mistress.

MacDonald says the journalist is supposed to be a bit of a schlump, and Pitt can't play a schlump so he's hired Russell Crowe.

Luckily for the director, the congressman is played by Ben Affleck who happens to be quite adept at playing schlumps.

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