Bill and Tony’s Excellent Adventure

Just what we needed, a movie, likely to be jointly produced by HBO and the BBC, called "The Special Relationship," which will take us on a trip down Memory Lane to a time when our TV sets were filled with Clinton smut.

The "special relationship" apparently refers to the political one between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair and not the "inappropriate" one between little Willie and Monica Lewinsky, although that will supposedly be included, too.

Dennis Quaid will portray the ex-prez and Julianne Moore will play Hillary.

In a hint about how the story will be told, the writer and director is Peter Morgan, the same guy who penned "Frost/Nixon."

Why can't Hollywood come up with some more current script ideas, like the story of a man who worked at Freddie Mac, the mortgage entity with an accounting scandal that led to a major management shake-up and huge fines; the story of the same guy being on the board and taking in more than $300 grand for the gig; and the story of a dubious dude who goes on to become chief of staff to the President of the United States.

"Rahmbo," with a cliffhanger of an ending, would make for a good flick.

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