San Fran Radio Host Calls for Joe the Plumber’s Death

Supposedly, Charles Karel Bouley, a liberal weekend talk show host on KGO-AM and a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, inadvertently broadcast a death wish for Joe the Plumber.

During a recent Saturday broadcast of ABC national news, the talk show host jabbered into what he apparently thought was a dead microphone. He was heard speaking over the national news broadcast at the same time GOP candidate John McCain mentioned Joe the Plumber.

“F Joe the [string of expletives] Plumber,” Bouley said, further cursing that he wanted him “dead.”

After Bouley was informed that his mike was live, he apologized, claiming that his remarks were not targeting any Joe in particular.

It’s difficult to believe that the radio host is contrite. In a March 2007 article in the Huffington Post, Bouley wrote that the late Tony Snow's cancer had been caused by his “lying to the American people.”

James Hirsen is a media analyst at Newsmax

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Anonymous said...

Joe is just not a Democrat constituent. He's a contributing member of society. I'm not afraid for him... they can't kill him. They need him to live, work and pay taxes to support them.