Virginia Madsen Teams Up with Botox for Democracy’s Sake

Best known for her role in the movie “Sideways,” actress Virginia Madsen has teamed up with the League Of Women Voters and Botox Cosmetic in what many consider an appealing election effort.

According to a press release, the mission of the public service campaign is “to encourage women to make smart choices in politics and beauty by expressing themselves at the polls and the doctor's office.”

“Educating and expressing yourself are essential in the voting booth and the doctor's office,” Dermatologist Jody Comstock explained.

The doctor urges her patients “to explore their options and get information about treatments like Botox Cosmetic, which temporarily eliminates the appearance of stubborn frown lines between the eyebrows in people ages 18-65.”

Dem veep candidate Joe Biden is not officially part of the Botox campaign but appears to have done a great job in eliminating any stubborn frown lines of his own.

News surrounding the votox-botox campaign does not seem to be raising any eyebrows.

James Hirsen, J.D., M.A. in Media Psychology, is a media analyst, teacher of mass media and entertainment law at Biola University and professor at Trinity Law School.

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