Eduardo Verastegui Startles Fans with Shocking New Video

Washington, D.C. - Film star and boy-band idol Eduardo Verastegui released a new Internet video that he was "inspired" to make after learning of Barack Obama's track record on abortion.
In the video, Eduardo explains that more than 1 million babies are aborted in America each year, and that more than 650 Latino babies are aborted each day. Eduardo then reveals Obama's startling history on abortion - opposing bans on partial birth abortion, opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, and opposing parental involvement when a minor girl is abused; he supports financing abortion with tax dollars.
The video, in Spanish and English, is expected to ricochet throughout the Americas.
Eduardo states in the video, "If a president is not willing to defend the most innocent of his own country, the babies in their mother's wombs, then my question is this, who is he willing to defend? That's what inspired me to put this video together."

In a recent interview, Eduardo said, "More than 200,000 Latino babies are killed by abortion each year in the USA. This holocaust must end."
The Latin heartthrob made the video available for free to fans and curious onlookers by placing it on the Internet. The goal is to reach viewers throughout the Americas.
The star and producer of the award-winning hit movie Bella, Eduardo, 34, became famous singing in the popular Latino band "KAIRO" and acting in "Telenovelas" (Latin-American soap operas). He was recently voted by People Magazine en EspaƱol as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. His movie, BELLA, won the 2006 Toronto Film Festival People's Choice Award.

Watch the video and get media DOWNLOADS at:
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Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, a co-sponsor, said, "Eduardo's deep compassion for women and children wouldn't let him stay quiet. He is wisely using his popularity to expose Obama's views."
Spokesmen are available for interviews in English and Spanish.

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