Michael Moore’s ‘Hometown’ Cracks Down on Saggy Pants

Although filmmaker Michael Moore was born in Davison, Michigan, an upper-class suburb 10 miles away from Flint, Moore claims Flint as his hometown.

Michael best beware the next time he steps foot in Flint because local cops are patrolling to see whose pants need raising.

Flint police chief David Dicks released a statement announcing the city’s new campaign against saggy pants, meaning trousers that have that nasty habit of slipping below the waistline.

Anyone who wears either pants or shorts that are on the descent will be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, which could get the person 93 days to a year in the slammer and/or a $500 fine.

Dicks explains that those who expose their underwear and claim that it is a form of self-expression are no longer practicing free speech.

Not even in a big old orange jumpsuit.

James Hirsen is a media analyst, Trinity Law School professor, and teacher of mass media and entertainment law at Biola University.

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