Condoleezza Rice’s KISS Bliss

Condoleezza Rice is full of surprises.

The current Secretary of State is a serious classical pianist and all-around music lover.

Apparently, she even enjoys banging out the notes of KISS tunes.

While in Stockholm, Sweden, for an international conference on Iraq, Rice happened to be in town at the same time the rock band was scheduled to do a concert.

When the band asked if Rice could stop by after her scheduled dinner with the Swedish foreign minister, she enthusiastically agreed to meet with KISS members including Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer and even the former blood spitting, fire eating Gene Simmons.

“I was thrilled. It was really fun to meet KISS and Gene Simmons,” Rice told the press.

Rice even let it be known that the rock stars were well versed in current events.

The group and the diplomat met in the executive lounge of the Sheraton Hotel.

KISS reportedly gave backstage passes and T-shirts to State Department staffers and signed some autographs to boot.

Rice apparently has a favorite KISS tune, too. It’s “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

Just imagine a cabinet meeting sing-along of the tune with backup vocals by Margaret Spellings, Robert Gates and Michael Chertoff.

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