Dustin Hoffman’s Accidental Stardom

When it comes to Hollywood stars, Dustin Hoffman has never been typical.

His alienation from the world of glamour started when he was just a kid.

“In school, I was not in the ‘in’ group,” Hoffman tells Readers Digest. “For a long time, I carried that with me. My success was thrust on me - I always called it a freak accident because I entered acting with no thought of fame or fortune.”

By Hollywood standards, it seems that Hoffman has a unique home life, too. He’s been married to the same woman, lawyer Lisa Gottsegen, for 27 years and has six grown children.

Despite having contributed to the Obama campaign, Hoffman doesn’t seem to be particularly enamored with any of the candidates who are seeking the Oval Office.

“The fact that the other candidates don't touch on real issues -- they're politicians. Their honesty goes only so far,” Hoffman says. “How wonderful it would be to have a candidate who was intent on saying what he or she really believes.”

The actor recently let his skepticism seep out to a TMZ.com video paparazzo who had been pursuing him in Beverly Hills.
When asked to name his favorite presidential candidate, Hoffman replied, “William Howard Taft.”

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