‘10,000’ Thumbs-down for Film Critics

Film critics gave the prehistoric adventure film “10,000 B.C.” some scathing reviews.

The San Francisco Chronicle called the movie “completely ridiculous.”

The Washington Post said it was “just plain nuts.”

The New York Post said audiences would be “sorely disappointed with this bloodless PG-13 adventure.”

The USA Today called it a “bombastic bore.”

Despite the hurling of insults by film critics, the public ignored the gibes and flocked to theaters anyway. The cavemen confrontations with woolly mammoths, saber toothed tigers and other prehistoric predators were just too compelling.

The flick was #1 right out of the box, with a weekend take just shy of $36 mill in North America and just over $25 mill overseas.

In the most explicit terms, the Newark Star Ledger warned anyone who was even thinking of seeing the film to “Yabba-dabba-don't.”

In a clear response, no doubt to the chagrin of film critics across the nation, the public “Yabba-dabba did.”

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