Jessica Alba’s Kissing for Dummies

She’s one of the hottest female stars and he’s one of the hottest stand-up comics.

Jessica Alba and Dane Cook appear together in the Lions Gate film “Good Luck Chuck,” which is about a guy who discovers that every girl he gets involved with marries the next man she dates.

In the movie, Alba plays the role of a woman that Cook’s character himself would like to marry.

In real life, Alba actually handed Cook some new comedy material on a silver platter when she was asked about the love scenes that she did with the comedian.

“Kissing? Well…,” Alba tells Fox News, “I don’t really remember. It was like kissing a dummy.”

Puppet puckering aside, Alba is a romantic when it comes to the way stories are told in movies.

“The films I do always have a happy ending,” she says, adding that she hopes “it reflects back to real life.”

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