Amanda Bynes, Paris Polar Opposite

Amanda Bynes continues to blossom.

The talented young Hollywood star has appeared on the small screen where she headlined a variety show called “All That,” had her own program “The Amanda Show” and tried her hand at comedy in a series called “What I Like About You.”

She’s made the feature film scene, too, and become a pin-up for teens with her convincing performances in movies like “She's the Man,” “Hairspray” and her latest flick, “Sidney White,” a Snow White-goes-to-college tale.

Bynes even has her own line of fashion. The actress’ new clothing collection is called “dear BY Amanda Bynes” and is tailor-made for adolescents.

Adding to her appeal is the fact that Bynes has not gone on the party-circuit, not entered rehab and not had to pose for a mug shot.

Evidently, her values are not those typically associated with Tinseltown.

“I like being with my family and friends, and I don't need to be out at the clubs,” Bynes tells “Access Hollywood.”

“If you're hanging out with the partying people or your parents don't care, then it's going to be harder. For me, I'm really close with my parents,” the actress adds.

Bynes brings up the names of some of her famous peers when she talks with Contact Music, relaying that she has little in common with Lindsay, Paris and Britney.

“We're only compared because of our age…I'm in no way in competition with them. I feel like I have a totally different thing,” Bynes says, which has moms and dads smiling along with their kids.

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