Ali Larter Gets Real for the Emmy Awards

One actress is bucking a longstanding Hollywood trend.

While other stars spend hours having their hair coifed prior to walking the 59th Primetime Emmy red carpet, Ali Larter will be readying herself by “going real.”

The “Heroes” actress and co-star of “Resident Evil: Extinction,” the third and final installment of the movie series that is based on the video game of the same name, is collaborating with Dove Hair Care and foregoing a professional hairstylist.

Instead, just like the average person, Larter will be doing her own hair for the event.

Her mission is to inspire women to start loving the hair they have and not comparing it to the unattainable images seen in the media and Hollywood.

Typically, a squadron of cosmetologists spends hours of glam-up time per star to achieve the results seen at red carpet events and photo shoots.

Of course, most folks are unaware of the extent to which the beauty brigades have teased, tugged and twirled to attain the hot hairdos.

Unable to meet high hair expectations, countless viewers feel as though their self-esteem has been flat-ironed. Larter and Dove Hair Care are out to change that.

Interestingly, nearly 60 percent of women believe that the images in the media set the standard for beautiful hair, according to a recent survey done by Impulse Research.

Larter is getting the word out that “there is a lot of work that goes into Hollywood hair.”

“I am doing all of this to help women realize the potential of their own hair and feel more confident every day,” she adds.

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