Chi-coms Put Choke Hold on Jackie Chan's ‘Rush Hour 3’

Apparently, the number one mid-August movie hit in the U.S. is not going to make it to the big screen in China.

The communist Chinese government has tagged Jackie Chan's “Rush Hour 3” with a “fundamentally anti-Chinese” label and banned the big box-office hit.

Chinese officials claim to be upset with a family that is depicted in the film as having links to organized crime.

It could be the real reason the Chi-coms are peeved is the fact that Chan is living proof that dreams really do come true—in a free market, that is.

The action movie comic pulled himself out of poverty and overcame his difficulties at school. He apparently still can’t read or write but discipline and hard work go a long way when you have liberty lighting your path.

Chan’s got a huge fan base and is loved the world over—except for the bullies in Beijing.

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