Spike Lee’s War Daze

Spike Lee is currently in Italy working on an upcoming film that focuses on the role African-American soldiers played in World War II.

The movie tells the tale of a group of soldiers who valiantly served in the 92nd Buffalo Division and fought the Nazi occupation in Italy.

Lee took some time during an interview in Rome to share his thoughts on American military history.

“My belief is that World War II is the last war that America was right about. Anything after that, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq -- they were wrong ... wrong,” Lee said.

The filmmaker, who regularly attends Democrat Conventions and endorses Dem candidates, should have been kinder to past presidents of his favorite party.

In Lee’s historical view, President Truman was wrong to intervene in North Korea, President Kennedy was wrong to initiate the Bay of Pigs Invasion and increase troops in Vietnam, President Johnson was wrong to accelerate the fighting in Vietnam and President Clinton was wrong to initiate the Kosovo War.

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