Roseanne Barr e-Mimics Rosie O’Donnell’s ‘View’ Views

With the vacancy on ABC’s “The View” still up for grabs, Roseanne Barr is doing her best Rosie imitation on her Web site.

Barr, whose name has been mentioned as a possible replacement for O’Donnell, has this advice for Congress: “Impeach the president and the vice president, they are traitors to America, and so are all of their supporters. Impeach! Anyone in congress who refuses to save our union from these traitors by doing nothing needs to be recalled.”

The comedienne also puts out the following pleas: “Save our troops!!! Save our schools and hospitals and jobs. Feed our hungry and poor!”

No lefty rescue roster would be complete without at least one mention of Katrina. “Save the drowning people in New Orleans!” Barr blogs.

The national anthem decimating diva fails, however, to provide any ideas on how the saving should take place.

Barr closes her post with a non-partisan wisecrack and smacks the media in the process: “Anyone who mentions Paris Hilton one more time must die!”

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