Greenpeace Slams Live Earth

Al Gore’s enviro-gelical concert campaign has received the usual criticism from Right-of-center sources, but disapproval is also coming from some unexpected places.

Matt Bellamy of the band Muse described the concert as “private jets for climate change.”

John Buckley of Carbon Footprint, an organization that helps companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions estimated that Live Earth would produce about 74,500 tons of carbon emissions.

Greenpeace, perhaps the best known environmental activist group in the world has slammed Live Earth because automobile manufacturer DaimlerChrysler was a sponsor of the Hamburg portion of the event.

The name of the maker of one of Hollywood’s favorite rides, the Mercedes, brought Shakira, Snoop Dogg and Enrique Iglesias to the Gore-fest.

“We think the concert is good, but it's absurd to have a company like that [DaimlerChrysler] as a sponsor,” a spokeswoman for Greenpeace Germany, Sonja Koch, told Reuters.

Greenpeace has yet to object to a sponsor of the Live Earth Web site, Chevrolet.

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