jessica alba’s paris hilton hair huff

Jessica Alba got mad at a U.K. reporter who dared to compare her new hairdo to Paris Hilton’s coif.

Alba was attending the world premiere of the “Fantastic Four” sequel in which she stars when a Sky News reporter pointed out the Hilton similarities.

Alba strongly disagreed. The miffed actress was later overheard complaining to a publicist about being compared to the “jailbird.”

Alba isn’t the only one who has Paris-related rage. So do the residents of Hilton’s neighborhood.

Hilton's home happens to be in West Hollywood, just above the famed Sunset Strip.

It seems that the locals aren’t acting very neighborly toward the troubled heiress. Residents who live near Paris’ digs have reportedly signed a petition requesting that she move somewhere else.

Folks didn’t seem to mind having Hilton as a neighbor when she was out drinking every night. But now reports are circulating, which claim she’s changed her life, found God and is reading the Bible.

Hey, there are some things that just can’t be tolerated in Tinseltown.

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